There’s a new action figure that has everyone asking a whole lot of questions at San Diego Comic-Con. It’s the sculpture at the company booth of Hot Toys. The lifesize Batsuit all decked out in purple and green, kind of with a melty-looking candy mess appearance. Beside it reads, “The Joker (Batman Imposter Version).” Everyone’s wants to know if Jared Leto’s incarnation of the smiling sociopath will bounce through Gotham City in a Batsuit of his own come Suicide Squad’s August 5th release.

It’s not too wild of an idea. This imposter Batsuit is a gleefully spraypainted mess, which has been hinted at being something of a stylistic calling card for the official DCU on screen. Director David Ayer is evolving Zack Snyder’s vision, so, honestly, this doesn’t strike as crazy as a longtime Bat-fan might think. In small but noticeble ways, this Joker’s unlike any version before.

[via Cinema Blend]

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