It’s been strange without Jon Stewart, both what’s been happening in our nation and his deeply felt absence because of it. Stewart was a watchdog, no matter how much he brushed it off with the steadfast position of comedian. He hounded the right and held the left accountable—though to arguably less heat—and this year’s bonkers election cycle has needed the sharp wit and jokey disbelief of Stewart more than ever. Even without a show, Stewart has blasted both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for not being near the level of greatness they promise they are or need to be for this great country.

In his return, a welcomed hijacking of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart returns to television mad as hell and as on the ball as when he left it. The strange, entitled, fear-mongering faction that has been growing within the GOP for years now has officially overtaken it with this week’s Republican National Convention going full throttle into doomsday. Stewart reminds those in favor of the new party platform that they don’t own this country more than the next citzen, nor do they lay claim to patriotism or respect for law enforcement. It’s a resounding message, and it’s good to see Stewart back in action, if only for one night of TV.