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Exit Clear

Jordan Carver’s Body is a Work of Art

Jordan Carver must have been created in a lab somewhere because nobody turns out looking that perfect. Ok fine, maybe some parts of her were actually man-made, but I don’t even care. Those Germans certainly know what they’re doing when it comes to technology. They’re always ahead of the curve when it comes to automobiles, they’ve got the most progressive and innovative medicine practices, and they clearly produce the most stunning women. At least one of the most stunning women.

Every day, I send over a bunch of pitches to Playboy HQ. I usually end up writing about some hot girl that I found online, or about some sexy celeb who did something noteworthy. It’s certainly enjoyable. Let’s face it: every day I end up researching the most attractive women on the planet and featuring them on this website. It’s rare, however, that I have a preference as to which story I end up writing. Whether it’s Lindsey Pelas or Abigail Ratchford, I usually don’t really care because either way it’s a win-win for me. Today, though, I REALLY wanted to write this one. Today, I get to stare at pictures of Jordan Carver and this article will take me two hours longer than it should.

She’s about to ruin your schedule today also. Good luck getting off this page within the next 30 minutes. Enjoy!

Adios Bitchachos 🌴☀️{ @steffonjohnphoto }

A photo posted by Jordan Carver (@jocalife) on

Take me to ______ what’s your favorite vacation spot? 🌴☀️ { photo credit: @steffonjohnphoto }

A photo posted by Jordan Carver (@jocalife) on

Bikinis are like fries - You can’t just have one! 🙉 #bikini #summer #takemeonvacation

A photo posted by Jordan Carver (@jocalife) on

Hope everyone had a great day 💋

A photo posted by Jordan Carver (@jocalife) on

In case that wasn’t enough, all those pictures were from Jordan’s Instagram within the past month and a half. There’s a bunch more where these came from.

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