Forget the hype around Nate Parker’s The Birth of a Nation for a minute, because the next great film about America’s racial issues is already on the horizon, from acclaimed writer and director … Jordan Peele? OK, it’s a horror film and probably not destined for any Oscars, but the first trailer for Peele’s Get Out just made its internet debut, and it looks incredible.

Certainly anybody who’s seen his sketch-comedy work on Key and Peele should know not to underestimate what this guy is capable of, but this is a whole other level. Whatever it turns out is going on in Get Out, this story—apparently about an unsuspecting African American guy (Daniel Kaluuya) discovering something very wrong with the lily-white suburb his girlfriend’s family lives in—looks like a fresh and savvy idea for a horror movie, not to mention a return to the classic run of paranoia films in the 1970s—maybe a Stepford Wives for race relations?

Get Out can’t get out to theaters fast enough, but it’ll arrive on Feb. 24.