Before the NFL decided that hitting women is in fact worse than hitting blunts, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon was suspended for the entire 2014 season after failing numerous drug tests for marijuana. His suspension has since been downgraded to 10 games, in light of the league’s revision of its disciplinary policies.

At the beginning of his suspension, Gordon checked himself into Cliffside Malibu, a five-star luxury rehab facility in California, to kick the smoking habit he has not admitted to having. (Gordon says he hasn’t used marijuana since entering the NFL in 2012, and that his failed tests were due to secondhand smoke.)

And apparently, things get kind of weird when you go to rehab to quit the Mary Jane.

During his time as an in-patient, Gordon told ESPN he did a number of odd, new-agey things, like music therapy, water therapy and acupuncture.

But the strangest rehabilitation method assigned to Gordon was the duty to befriend a horse. He had to feed it and “be nice to it.”

“It’s definitely some hippy shit,” Gordon said.

Gordon left the facility after two weeks to attend Browns’ training camp. He’s convinced he’s not an addict, and said the specialists at the facility agree.

Gordon’s suspension ends November 17th, unless he fails another drug test.