We are very rapidly approaching peak J.R. Smith. The only thing is that every time it appears we’ve reached the top, the summit just gets higher.

First there was the tearful and emotional press conference following the Cleveland Cavaliers victory in the NBA Finals, in which he thanked his father for keeping him from going down the wrong road and making bad decisions. That was quickly followed by what may not have been been a bad decision but was certainly a questionable one to go shirtless basically forevermore.

He was shirtless at the afterparty in Las Vegas:

He was shirtless at the victory parade:

It got to the point that even President Obama had to ask Smith to put his shirt on.

Now Smith wants everyone to be shirtless just like him. In collaboration with Fresh Brewed Tees, Smith is releasing this shirt with a detailed, all-over print of his torso.

The shirt offers a highly detailed look at Smith’s numerous tattoos. There’s the Jumpman logo over the dollar sign on the sternum, the black Jesus on the left chest, and the “Just Klownin” on the back. As GQ’s Jack Moore pointed out, it’s a shame that it isn’t a long-sleeve turtleneck, because after seeing the work on Smith’s torso, you wish you could see the tats on the rest of his body.

via Fresh Brewed Tees

via Fresh Brewed Tees

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