Judd Apatow abandoned his stand-up career for writing, producing and directing ages ago, and it’s really paid off for him, but on The Tonight Show Monday night, he decided to dust off some material and give the audience four solid minutes of jokes.

Now, anyone who follows Apatow on Twitter knows that, for months, he’s been going after Bill Cosby, demanding that the elder comedian see punishment for the dozens of rape accusation leveled against him, so you had to think Apatow would at least try to get some dig at Cosby into this set. At first, it didn’t seem like it would happen, as Apatow went through a few This Is 40-style bits about life with his wife and daughters. Then finally, at the very end, he let it rip. It’s a relatively tame bit compared to what Apatow, and other comics, have said about Cosby before, but this time he got to say it with late night’s biggest megaphone.