Just Cause 3 is a game that’s unambiguously about blowing things up, generally in the most absolutely ridiculous way possible. In order to celebrate that goal, developer Avalanche Studios and publisher Square Enix opened up a contest to fans to create the game’s official launch trailer.

The winner is, quite literally, a rap about explosions.

Avalanche chose the work of YouTube filmmakers CoolTwinSkittles from the 1,200 or so contest entries it received. The video puts the full focus on the kind of batshit nonsense the Just Cause series has become known for—this is a game in which you can grapple-hook your way onto planes and ride missiles and just ruin everything. A goofy explosion rap seems extremely fitting.

For their winning entry, CoolTwinSkittles pulled down a handful of prizes, including a guitar and a new video-making PC, along with fame (and judging by some of the YouTube comments, notoriety) on the internet. You can check out more trailers created by fans on the competition’s website.