A cellphone video released Wednesday presented a new perspective on the shooting of Kajieme Powell, the 25-year-old black man killed by St. Louis cops on Tuesday. Police were called to the scene after Powell stole pastries and energy drinks from a convenience store. Witnesses noticed he had a knife.

From there, everything happened so fast. The cops showed up, and Powell approached them with knife-in-hand, yelling for them to kill him. The cops dutifully complied.

While the St. Louis chief of police said that Powell got as close as three-feet away from the cops, the video appears to show him at about ten-feet away when he gets gunned-down, as numerous commentators have pointed out.

But even if the police felt threatened enough to open fire, wouldn’t one shot have sufficed? Don’t cops have tasers these day? In the video, you hear nine pops. Apparently that’s how we deal with the mentally ill in America. We’re lucky they didn’t send a tank for him.