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Kama Sutra Sundays: Rear Window

By Staff


Kama Sutra Sundays: Rear Window:

While the Kama Sutra will occasionally mask what it is trying to say in complex, often counter-intuitive metaphors for us to uncover, it can also on occasion be incredibly blunt…

From Part V, Chapter 1:Of the Characteristics of Men and Women:

“The following are the women who are easily gained over:

“Women who stand at the doors of their houses; women who are always looking out on the street; women who sit conversing in their neighbor’s house; a woman who is always staring at you…A woman whose husband has taken another wife without any just cause; a woman who hates her husband, or who is hated by him; a woman who has nobody to look after her, or keep her in check; a woman who has not had any children…A woman who is apparently very affectionate with her husband…the wife of an actor; the wife of a jeweler…A woman whose husband is devoted to travelling…A jealous woman; a covetous woman; an immoral woman; a vulgar woman; an ill-smelling woman. [And finally] A woman disturbed in mind by the folly of her husband.”

A covetous or immoral woman we get. Ditto a woman who hates her husband or whose husband has taken another wife for no discernible reason. Sure. But a woman who sits conversing in her neighbor’s house? Stares out into the street? The wife of an actor or jeweler? The Kama Sutra doesn’t elaborate on the methodology of its list, but it’s damn certain that jewelers’ wives are Trouble with a capital T.{“pbembedwidget”:“video”,“id”:“2001”}


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