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Kama Sutra Sundays: Side Saddle

By Staff


Kama Sutra Sundays: Side Saddle:

“In this way the man should do whatever the girl takes most delight in, and he should get for her whatever she may have a desire to possess. Thus he should procure for her such playthings as may be hardly known to other girls.” – Kama Sutra, Part III, Chapter III, Courtship and the Manifestation of the Feelings by Outward Signs and Deeds.

The Kama Sutra goes on to suggest some pretty curious items that a man might procure for a woman he’s trying to impress, including but not limited to “a ball dyed with various colors, wood, buffalo-horn, wax, a pair of rams, or goats, or sheep; also temples made of earth, bamboo, or wood, dedicated to various goddesses; and cages for parrots, cuckoos, starlings, quails, cocks, and partridges; water-vessels of different sorts, machines for throwing water about…red arsenic, yellow ointment, vermilion and collyrium, as well as sandalwood, saffron, betel nut and betel leaves.”

Which we suppose would all make fine gifts (who doesn’t need a machine for throwing water about or cages for very specific birds?), but we were thinking along slightly different lines…

Stemming from issues of either inadequacy or ignorance, many men are intimidated by the introduction of sex toys into foreplay, but they shouldn’t be. Your end goal here is her satisfaction; if that means pulling out an oversized black dildo, then so be it. Think of it reciprocally (not the dildo, the satisfaction); the more satisfied she is, the keener she will be to satisfy you. And if you’re really interested in diving in headfirst and finding her “playthings as may be hardly known to other girls,” check out our weekly update on the hottest topics in sex with This Week in Sex. {“pbembedwidget”:“video”,“id”:“6020”}


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