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Kama Sutra Sundays: The Thigh Master

By Staff


Kama Sutra Sundays: The Thigh Master:

“When a man supports himself against a wall, and the woman, sitting on his hands joined together and held underneath her, throws her arms round his neck, and putting her thighs alongside his waist, moves herself by her feet, which are touching the wall against which the man is leaning, it is called the ‘suspended congress’.” – The Kama Sutra, Part II, Chapter VI, “On the Various Ways of Lying Down, and the Different Kinds of Congress”

YEAH! Now we’re getting into the good stuff. Chapter VI is full of elaborate positions like the one described above, all of which would require crib notes à la George Costanza to keep straight, but lucky for you, we’ve condensed the bulk of them into short, minute-and-a-bit clips like this one:{“pbembedwidget”:“video”,“id”:“4114”}


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