There aren’t many music duos who have live sets poetically ranging from jazz, trip-hop to full on EDM. But you wouldn’t really expect anything less from a group comprised of 26-year-old Chelsea Tyler, who has been on tour for as long as she can remember. The daughter of Areosmith’s Steven Tyler (those lips), Chelsea and fiance Jon Foster make up the dance-pop group KANEHOLLER, proving you might actually be able to collaborate with your significant other.

After performing at Austin’s SXSW this year shortly after the release of their 3 volume EP series, the charismatic couple is gearing up for a US summer tour with the Ting Tings. Their hit singles like “Someone New”, “A.S.N.Y” and of course, “Paper Games,“ show off Chelsea’s melodic voice paired with an interesting sound that easily separates them from other dance-pop groups. Plus c'mon, it’s Steven Tyler’s daughter.

KANEHOLLER was able to release an exclusive premiere of a Vito Fun and SpacePlant"Paper Games” remix to Get ready to dance in your cubicle.

The fact that the duo started dating and started a band only 48 hours after meeting might speak for the unique fturue of KANEHOLLER.

To hear more music and to check out when their US tour dates with The Ting Tings are announced, check out KANEHOLLERS official website.