We live in a tumultuous world where it feels like facts change every five seconds and truth is a postmodern construct.

Such is the case with Kanye’s latest album—which, if you haven’t been keeping up, is now called The Life of Pablo, usurping erstwhile titles Swish, So Help Me God and Waves. Luckily, the Internet is here for us: designers Joey Flynn, Andy Chung and Drew Hamlin created a Life of Pablo album cover generator, which allows the user to change the title at a whim.

Here is Kanye’s current cover:

And one of many wonderful fan responses:

The track list also has been modified along the way. Kanye revealed most of the album’s tracks yesterday afternoon at Madison Square Garden during what was also a closely followed live stream. As of press time, the artist says the album will officially be released Friday, although he didn’t specify where we’ll be able to buy or stream it.

Here’s the latest from Yeezy’s Twitter, which says The Life of Pablo has some additional tracks as of this morning: