Making video games is hard—just ask Kanye West.

The Yeezus artist took the opportunity to play a trailer upcoming mobile game, Only One, Thursday during a live-streamed performance to show off his new album, The Life of Pablo. As Kanye explained, the game is based on the idea of his late mother, Donda, flying through the sky, headed for heaven. It seems like a sweet tribute.

From the video of the stream above, it sounds like people were excited, if a little subdued. Kanye, however, did not seem impressed with the level to which the audience was impressed.

“That’s not easy to do, man!” Kanye said after the trailer had finished. “Y’all just be acting like that shit is regular, man.”

Then he reiterated that the game was about his mom. Who died. Going to heaven. And he explained that game developers in San Francisco had “dissed” him. And then he had the trailer played again, presumably so the audience would understand the full weight of what they were seeing.

Paying proper Kanye homage aside, making what seems like a pretty gorgeous-looking little game to honor your mother is pretty damn cool. Maybe keep that in mind next time you “forget” to call home.

Via Kotaku.