Depending on who you ask, people either think Kanye West is an asshole or the greatest rapper alive. Actually, even if you think he’s the greatest rapper alive, you probably still think he’s an asshole. Six years ago, Yeezy hijacked Taylor Swift’s VMA award acceptance speech to voice his belief that Beyoncé had “the greatest music video of all-time.” Last night, Kanye decided to pull out his most famous hit at the Grammys. When Beck went up to accept his award for Album of the Year, Yeezus went up and looked like he was about to steal the spotlight but changed his mind at the last moment. Here’s a gif of how it went down:

There’s also a Vine of the moment going around the internet as well:

Looks like Kanye’s just poking a little fun at himself? Sure, he kind of stole the moment from Beck, but at least he let him do his speech uninterrupted. All harmless fun, right? Not exactly. Kanye spoke to E! after the show and said he actually did want to go on rant to support Beyoncé’s self-titled album and did not approve of Beck winning the award.

To be fair, Kanye’s not the first person to call out the Grammys as being pretty shitty. They awarded Steely Dan Album of the Year in 2001. Did you even know the members of Steely Dan were alive in 2001?

And while Yeezy was planning to go to bat for the Queen Bey, it looks like he definitely did not tell her or Jay-Z his plans based on their horrified reactions as he went on-stage.

Wait until the Emmys next year when Keeping up with the Kardashians doesn’t win Best Reality Show.

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