“Mamba Out” was everything that a Hollywood screenwriter could have imagined. In his final NBA game, Kobe Bryant put on a show for the ages, scoring 60 points and helping the Lakers secure a win (which have been few and far between this season). The celebs were out in full force. Of course, Jack Nicholson was there, but so were Jay Z, David Beckham, and Flea, who performed one of the weirdest national anthems ever. But only one celebrity showed up in a custom T-shirt. And that person was Kanye West.

When Kanye staged his somewhat bizarre fashion show/listening party for The Life Of Pablo, the main attraction—more than the clothes for Yeezy Season 3 or the music being played at Madison Square Garden—was the merch. T-shirts, sweatshirts, and denim jackets that said things like “I feel like Pablo” and “We on an ultralight beam/This is a God dream” in Old English script created Supreme-like lines and sold out. At a pop-up store in New York City in the weeks that followed, the apparel generated an additional $1 million in revenue, according to Kanye.

Kanye mimicked the theme for a custon Kobe tribute T-shirt that he wore to Staples Center. The long sleeve T-shirt, in Lakers’ gold with purple lettering, said “I feel like Kobe” on the front, while the back read:

The Los Angeles Lakers
Mamba Day 4.13.16
Kobe Bryant Lower Merion’s Finest

It would be cool if this became a theme, and Kanye started showing up to all sports stars final games in custom gear. You really blew it by not announcing your retirement before the Super Bowl, Peyton Manning.

h/t Complex

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