Kanye West has been conspicuously absent as of late and now we know why. Yeezy has fled the pastoral hills of Calabasas for the pastoral mountain ranges of Wyoming, where he’s working on his new album, according to TMZ. He’s a lot like Moses in that way, we suppose.

Sources told TMZ that West is holed up in some kind of secluded retreat where he’s “smack in the middle of the creative process.” We kind of got the feeling that West was up to something when he was a no show at last week’s Met Gala. West rarely misses an opportunity to show the world that he’s the flyest rapper alive, so his absence felt more than a little conspicuous.

Then there was the removal of his Twitter and Intagram accounts. There’s no better path to productivity than going dark on social media. Just ask LeBron James, whose “Zero Dark Thirty-23” social media blackout has become a rite of spring and has helped James reach the NBA Finals year after year.

It’s been just over a year since West released The Life of Pablo, an album that reportedly took him three years to make. Throughout that recording process, West was quiet but not silent. Could this new tactic of seclusion be a way for him to expedite his creative process?

After all, with everything that’s unfolded in his life over the past year—from that now-infamous meeting with Donald Trump to his very public meltdown—West has a lot to get off his chest.