Hey, remember a couple of weeks ago, when Kanye West got the Video Vanguard Award at the VMAs and used his acceptance speech to declare that he’s making a run at the White House in 2020? Remember how most of us, knowing that Kanye’s a master of hyperbole, laughed that claim off? Well, it might be time to pay at least a little more attention.

See, not long after West’s speech, a Super PAC (Political Action Committee) called “Ready for Kanye” was formed to raise awareness and funds for his campaign. Then a website called “Yeezus 2020” launched to spread even more awareness. Now, the same website has launched a couple of mash-up campaign ads.

The ads mix Kanye’s words (from his VMAs speech and beyond) with photos and video of everyday Americans doing everyday American things, in the familiar campaign ad style anyone who lives in a Battleground State knows all too well. Only these ads have something no other candidate has: Yeezy.

Sure, the ads don’t come directly from Kanye, and we have no idea if he approves of them or even knows about them at this point. Still, Yeezy 2020 just got a little bit more real.