Kanye West has had an incredibly eventful past six months. He’s veered from the fiasco at the Saint Pablo Tour right into the trauma of his wife being robbed at knife-point, eventually leading to a stint in a hospital for psychiatric reasons.

Yet, all of these occurrences couldn’t have prepared Yeezy fans for what came next: Kanye’s fashion show was uncharacteristically anti-Kanye. No new music was played, and he neglected did not show himself at the end — a major move for a man who declares “I am a God.” This time, he showed uncharacteristic restraint at only 25 minutes late, and without a bow. Regardless, the event still gave a great window into the latest West-envisioned fashion styles.

With a couple of the looks, you have some interesting streetwear designs with the Yeezy characteristic loose fit. It seems, for West, baggy is back, and the figure-hugging sweats and leggings of season three and four have been ditched for something less constricting.

Then you have these fashion statements, which all but intimate that the cast of Duck Dynasty are on their way to being fashion icons.

Despite a lack of Kanye himself, Kim was in attendance in an purple-laden outfit that would make Prince swoon.

The consistent enigma of Kanye makes the reason for a more tame show hard to discern. As an article for New York Magazine suggests, it could be for any number of reasons. Kanye deleted any mentions of Donald Trump from his Twitter account, and his last season antics angered many heavy hitters in the fashion world. The infamously chaotic Yeezy Season Four show was more of a disaster than a presentation, with models fainting, crowds being dragged to hard-to-reach locations, and absurdly long delays. Thus, the kettle for a Kanye cool down has been brewing for a long time. Yet, that won’t stop Kanye’s legion of diehards from abandoning him — but it might hurt his consumer appeal. At the end of the day, Kanye is a creature of the public and his dreams (however arrogant) likely stand above his politics. Perhaps ‘Ye’s experiences these past months have him doing what all of America seems to be doing — ruminating on who he would like to be in 2017.

(Relevant PSA: If you are wearing Yeezy season anything, reconsider going on escalators. That seems like a disaster waiting to happen.)