Here’s what we know about Kate Beckinsale: She’s a British actress who looks amazing in a bikini. She likes brutal workouts. She doesn’t take herself very seriously. She is 43, and last night, she was spotted making out with Matt Rife, a 21-year-old comedian. Is that a big deal? It depends who you ask.

An unnamed source told People, “She has been seeing Matt for the past few weeks. She really seems to like him. She refers to him as an old soul. There is obviously a physical attraction too. The age different doesn’t matter to her.” If Rife’s age isn’t an issue for Kate, it shouldn’t be an issue to anyone—but of course, it is.

Several websites, in writing about Beckinsale’s new relationship, refer to the actress as a “cougar.” They met through a mutual friend, according to ET, so it seems unlikely that she was on the prowl for a younger guy. Her former husband Len Wiseman is a few months older than she is, and before they married, she had a long-term relationship with Michael Sheen, who is a few years older. Now she’s interested in Rife, and he seems interested in her, too, judging by their recent PDA. Relationships are complicated, especially in Hollywood, but these two seem happy together, and that is the only thing that matters.

Love who you want to love, Kate Beckinsale. And don’t let any stupid name-calling hold you back.

In closing, here are a few photos of Beckinsale being both hot (in the pic) and funny (in the caption). Rife is a lucky guy.

Summer’s here 🦋 sniff someone’s armpit to prove you like them #fbf

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