Kate Beckinsale is more than just a talented actress. She’s smart, funny, and gorgeous—and perhaps most importantly, she regularly uses her cats to provide entertainment for her 1.3 million Instagram followers.

It doesn’t need to be a fancy costume if you rock it hard enough

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In August, Beckinsale told Collider that she used to have one cat, and then she inherited another when a friend moved away. She says the two cats, Clive and Willow, completely ignore each other, but that Willow displays some oddly human behavior. “It’s unusual to walk in and find your cat eating a salad. I didn’t know she liked salad until that moment. I’m assuming when I’m not home, she’s in my leather pants on the phone.”

If there’s one woman who could squash crazy cat lady stereotypes, it’s Beckinsale. Then again, she really does like to flaunt her felines. While she occasionally discovers her cats doing something unusual, in most of the videos, she’s personally involved in the humor. In her latest Instagram post, she has a little fun with a jack-o-lantern spoon:

Here Willow shows tremendous patience as Beckinsale gently stacks lettuce leaves on her head:

She stole and ate half a protein bar yesterday and has been really difficult ever since

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This one just makes you feel bad for the cat, who’s completely unaware that she’s licking a gourd that Beckinsale has arranged to resemble a penis:

Willow politely tolerates being wrapped up burrito style, becoming what the internet calls a “purrito.”

.. it’s all right

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Here’s Beckinsale holding Clive in the air while blowing affectionately on his belly:

Make someone happy this weekend

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The fact that her cat wears a choker does not, as Beckinsale points out, “denote a predilection for certain sexual practices.”

Clive might secretly want to be Madonna:

Hey hey hey hey

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That’s not the only time Beckinsale dressed him up for the sake of silliness:

Flowing like a harpoon daily and nightly

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We are still very much weapons hot on the hat

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I think I think too much #fade #VMAs

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Of course, the cats also get to snuggle with Beckinsale on a regular basis, and that probably makes it all worth it, right?