Thanks to supermodel Kate Moss, not all the drama at the Cannes Film Festival this week took place on screen. According to the British newspaper, The Sun, Moss let loose at the after party for the Fashion for Relief show, and got a bit out of control. A source told the paper, “She was downing bottles of wine and throwing the flower arrangements around.”

When another partygoer tried to intervene, Moss took offense, and it looked like things were about to get physical. Just in time, a fellow celebrity stepped in to save the day and keep the peace. R&B star Mary J. Blige pulled the two women apart and acted as a mediator. Ultimately, Moss’s unknown nemesis was removed from the event, while the 43-year-old model continued to party.

If only we had more details on what went down, like exactly what Moss said during the dispute. Chances are, she had some choice words for the occasion. This is the same woman who, back in 2015, was escorted off of a plane for drinking too much, and called the pilot a “basic bitch.”