Let’s say you’re a fan of Katy Perry and you somehow nab some great seats for her show in your home town. Then, by sheer luck, let’s say that Katy pinpoints you and invited you on stage with her. What would you do? You’d probably freak out, right? You’d be overcome with joy that you’d… just want to kiss her! And maybe grab her boob, right? RIGHT?!

Well, that’s what fan Rayane decided to do when she was called on stage with her pop icon when Katy’s Prismatic World Tour arrived at the Rock in Rio festival in South American. The young lady just couldn’t help herself, attempting to kiss and grope the singer during two straight minutes of incredible awkwardness. I will say this, though: Katy Perry handled the whole situation like a champ. I hope Rayane (or whatever her real name is, since it was completely inaudible in the video) didn’t wake up with too bad of a hangover.

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