Most straight men across the world would not throw Kate Upton out of bed for eating crackers. She knows this, and she knows that being such a sought after sex symbol isn’t easy on everyone.

Namely, her 18-year-old brother, David. That poor, poor kid.

Can you even imagine how much shit this kid gets about how hot his older sister is? How annoying must that be, not to mention weird? Probably even a little envy-inducing. They both came from the same place, but you don’t see her brother making millions off his looks.

On Thursday night at the People Magazine Awards, Upton was awarded People’s “Sexiest Woman Alive.”

During her acceptance speech, Upton aplogized to David, according to People.

“I’m so, so sorry to my 18-year-old brother,” she said. “Poor David!”

She went on to say "you’re welcome” to her boyfriend, Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander.

And I hope she thanked her parents for their wonderful genetics.

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