It’s been 19 years since Britney Spears bared her midriff in a Catholic schoolgirl outfit for her first music video, “…Baby One More Time,” but her choreographed school hallway dance has cemented itself as a pop culture classic. On the next episode of Spike TV’s Lip Sync Battle, airing Thursday night, Kate Upton will don her own knotted button-down, miniskirt and knee socks to lip sync the ‘90s hit. A clip from the performance, available now, shows the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl crawling across the stage, accompanied by a squad of similarly-dressed backup dancers. Watch it here:

Upton, 24, is already famous as a model and sometime actress, and now it’s clear she’s got the moves to be a pop star, in case she has the inclination to branch out in another direction. (Can she sing? That remains to be seen.) In a preshow video on Spike TV’s website, Upton admits she has good reason to be nervous. “I’m going against Ricky Martin, who does this for a living.”

In case you want to compare Upton’s interpretation to the original, here’s Britney Spears’ version, made when the singer was only 16: