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Kate Upton Has Snapchat, So You Should Probably Download the App ASAP

Kate Upton Has Snapchat, So You Should Probably Download the App ASAP:

Just last week, I wrote about Kim Kardashian joining Snapchat. That was a pretty big deal and reason enough for anyone to download the app if they didn’t have it yet. As if that wasn’t enough, I have news that will make Snapchat your new favorite app to use, hands down: Kate Upton just joined.

Yep, that’s right! Everyone’s favorite curvy model is now sharing pics and videos for us on the regular. You can follow her by adding @KateUptonSnaps.

Here she is, just two snaps out of the gate, already dropping her pants and crouching in the bushes. Isn’t she amazing?

Kate Upton Snapchat

If the candid shots aren’t really your thing, then you’ll appreciate these new pro photos from V Magazine, where Kate did one of her classic “incredible Kate Upton photo shoots.” I’m not sure the artistic reasoning behind these pics, but there’s a dog present and she’s leaning on things a lot. I’m confused, but I like it.

Kate Upton V Magazine 1

V Magazine

Kate Upton V Magazine 3

V Magazine

Kate Upton V Magazine 8

V Magazine

To see the rest of the pics, head over to V’s website.

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