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Exit Clear

In Case You Needed a Reminder, Kate Upton’s Still Really Hot in this Shoot with Vogue

Kate Upton is at it again. After making some headlines last week regarding her distain for the release of the Cat Daddy video that first garnered her national attention, she’s back to her regular tricks. By “regular tricks”, I mean “being unfathomably hot, wearing very little clothing, and making everyone drool uncontrollably”.

If Michael Jordan was good at scoring baskets, and Salvador Dali was good at painting pictures, then Kate Upton is good at being hot on a beach. This time, she was posing in some sexy scuba gear for British Vogue. I’ve never seen a snorkel look so good…

Kate Upton Vogue 1
Kate Upton Vogue 2
Kate Upton Vogue 3
Kate Upton Vogue 4
Kate Upton Vogue 5
Kate Upton Vogue 6
Kate Upton Vogue 7
Kate Upton Vogue 8

Oh, and in case you haven’t had your fill… there’s a video too!

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