Kate Upton appears on not just one, but three different covers for the 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Upton has posed for previous Swimsuit Issues in unusual places, including Antarctica and a zero-gravity chamber, but this year’s photos were taken in a more traditional swimwear location: She worked with photographer Yu Tsai on the beach in Fiji. Upton said, “I was nearly naked for most of the shoot. One of my favorites was this white one-piece that covered absolutely nothing.” The suit she’s describing is made of knotted white string, and it’s featured on one of her covers. On another, she’s wearing only a layered necklace and belly chain, and on the third, she wears a sparkly beaded jacket with a tiny white bikini bottom. See all three here:

Want to see Upton in motion? Watch her pose in all three revealing outfits, as well as a few others, in this video:

2017 marks Upton’s fifth appearance in the Swimsuit Issue. In 2011, she was named Sports Illustrated’s Rookie of the Year. In 2012, and 2013, she appeared on the front cover, and in 2014, she appeared on the flip-side cover of the 50th anniversary issue and was named a “Swimsuit legend.” In addition to modeling, Upton has also had success as an actress. She stars alongside Alexandra Daddario in the upcoming road trip movie The Layover, a comedy about two best friends who take a vacation together and fall for the same guy.

Upton talks about her return to Sports Illustrated in this video, which also offers a peek behind the scenes of her shoot: