I totally get it: you’ve been busy. And just because all 10 episodes of Amazon’s critically-acclaimed original series Transparent are available for streaming, doesn’t mean you have the time to digest them all in one five-hour sitting. But, come on, man, it’s been a couple of weeks now. Get on that — if for no other than the show features the always funny Kathryn Hahn as a goofy/sexy rabbi who beds down with a privileged, self-absorbed young music snob played by Jay Duplass.

Sure, the dude doesn’t deserve her chosen awesomeness, but that’s a given: Transparent is a show about myopic people that revels in extreme levels of selfishness. Hahn’s character stands out among the mired, not because she doesn’t come strapped with her own agenda, but because Raquel Fein, at least, puts her cards out on the table immediately. (I’ll let you find out what those cards are on your own.)

Hahn’s Rabbi Raquel is fun, funny, sexy, and genuine — a touching, fully fleshed-out role for a suitably talented actress. Hahn hasn’t always been so lucky, though. In her longer-than-you-remember career, she’s played girls who never get the guy, singleminded best friends, dropped or unappreciated wives, and plenty of other characters penned almost entirely for laughs. (Her most recent shot at heading up a sitcom fizzled quickly and quietly.)

Throughout it all, Kathryn Hahn has made the most of just about every part she’s taken, no matter how threadbare. You want proof? I leave you with this assemblage from Step Brothers wherein the actress fills a one-dimensional caricature almost to bursting.