As you may have noticed, the internet gets a little busy on April 20th, so there’s a chance you missed this. Netflix very appropriately chose yesterday to drop the first teaser for Disjointed, a new comedy about a weed dispensary.

Kathy Bates stars as Ruth, a very spirited-looking woman who’s been an advocate for pot legalization all her life. Now, new laws mean Ruth’s got her wish and she turns her love of weed into a business, opening her own dispensary with her son and some friends. The teaser footage is very brief and offers nothing but footage of Bates, wreathed in smoke, opening her shop for the day with a joint proudly in hand.

It will be months before you can binge this show but you could always rewatch Weeds while you wait. It’s quite possible that by the end of the summer, Kathy Bates will replace Mary-Louise Parker as your favorite fictional pot dealer.

Disjointed arrives August 25.