I don’t know where Katie May, the “Queen of Snapchat,” does her shopping, but she needs to choose somewhere else. Or perhaps she’s one of those people that has a personal shopper or stylist… but if that’s the case then she needs to fire that person and hire someone new. It’s not that her fashion sense is bad, because she wears nice clothes. It’s just that she clearly wears clothes that don’t fit her.

I mean, just take this top for example: she can’t even button that thing up more than the top button. Perhaps a size bigger and she could get that thing closed.

Here’s another denim top that just doesn’t seem to close.

Take a look at this onesie. She can’t even get any of the buttons closed. There’s no way that thing is as comfortable as it should be.

Maybe she’ll figure it out one day. Or not… yeah, hopefully not.

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