I’m sorry, is that Katy Perry or is that Jeff Ross? I can’t tell, because that was one hell of a roast. It must be Katy, though, because her boobs are slightly bigger than Jeff’s. Still, these were some mean, harsh, and hilarious words from a pop singer.

Katy was on tour in Melbourne when she took some time between songs to interact with the audience. One thing led to another and a fan sitting in the front row ended up handing their phone over to Katy Perry, who proceeded to read some texts from the lucky girl’s ex-boyfriend. The texts were not so pleasant, ripping apart Katy’s singing skills. Never in a million years did that dude think Katy would actually see it. Well, she did. And she responded.

Katy used the Whatapp messaging app to fire back at the angry ex. I’m glad to see he read it, too.

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