Every presidential administration brings with it a certain comedic response and each era has its gems. Since the Obama era was also the Key & Peele era, one of the gems of his presidency was Luther, the president’s “anger translator.” Throughout the Comedy Central series’ brilliant run Keegan-Michael Key leapt, danced and shouted around with righteous fury, saying the things the restrained Obama never could. It was a joy, particularly when he finally got to do it alongside the actual president.

Luther, like Obama, was supposed to be off enjoying retirement. Things in the real world got just a little too crazy, though, so last night on The Late Show host Stephen Colbert invited Key to pull the character out of mothballs. Using two brief Obama quotes from the last six months as fuel, Key flashed those crazy eyes and suddenly, Luther was back in the world.

Come on, people! Trumpcare? More like ‘Trump don’t care!’”

At first it felt like the bit would be a pale cover version of the original sketches, as Key just riffed alongside Colbert’s desk. Then he stood up. Key’s particular talents have always involved a lot of physical movement (remember the valet sketches?) and it quickly became clear he wasn’t about to half-ass this. He leapt in the air, mimed Republicans mixing an evil potion in the dungeon and marched from one side of the stage to the other. Then he topped it all off with a backflip. As for the dialogue, it was predictably brilliant and profanity-laced as Luther ranted about everything from the border wall to healthcare. This particular gem stands out:

“You know what? I would say you people me sick, but I can’t afford that cuz I wouldn’t have no damn insurance!”

Watch the full clip below. It’s a nice way to brighten your week if the news is still making you repeatedly slam your head in a filing cabinet drawer.