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This Wi-Fi-Enabled Kegerator Takes Beer Nerdery to the Next Level

This Wi-Fi-Enabled Kegerator Takes Beer Nerdery to the Next Level: PicoBrew


Beer is man’s greatest invention. Unfortunately, whether the brews come in cans or bottles, they can take up a lot of room in the refrigerator. In the past, the only way to relieve this problem was to buy a couple kegs, load them into the back of your friend’s pickup truck and drop them off in someone’s backyard. Kegerators (essentially mini-fridges with beer taps) have done a lot to classy up the home beer-drinking experience, but it hasn’t been perfected. A newly launched Kickstarter is hoping to change that.

PicoBrew announced it’s latest product, called “KegSmarts,” which they’re calling “the world’s smartest kegerator.” According to the company, there are four problems with most kegerators: People can’t tell what beers are on tap, there’s no information about what they’re drinking, they can’t control the precise temperature and there’s no way to tell how much beer is left. KegSmarts is designed to solve all these issues.

The product is an advanced microprocessor that can regulate the kegerator’s temperature, determine how many servings are left on tap, provide all the information about the beer and even allows people to tell their friends when they’ve added a new beer to their selection. KegSmarts comes with built-in Wi-Fi so you can research craft beers to try and give your own reviews of various brews. You can even connect KegSmarts to any of your mobile devices, which means when you’re getting ready to leave the office you can check how much of that local IPA you’ve got in reserve and determine whether you need to make a beer run before going home.



PicoBrew began in 2010 when brothers Bill and Jim Mitchell and their friend Avi Geiger decided to create the world’s first automatic all-grain beer brewing machine. This led to the invention of the Zymatic, which they built through a Kickstarter campaign as well. In fact, the Zymatic became the second most successful Kickstarter project of all-time.

In order to begin making the KegSmarts, PicoBrew needs to raise $100,000, and they’re already halfway to their goal. If you’re willing to pledge at least $800, then you can get your own version of the kegerator, which is perfect for impressing all your snobby beer-drinking aficionados who sip IPAs like it’s single malt scotch. And if you already own a kegerator, you don’t have to worry about ditching your old machine. The KegSmarts can be installed onto existing draft towers and provide all the same services.



Clearly this is how beer should be served in the 21st century.

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