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Exit Clear

Kelly Brook’s FHM Shoot Prove She’s the Hottest Brit Ever

OK, so One Big Happy, NBC’s gay-friendly sitcom produced by Ellen Degeneres, didn’t exactly pan out the way they thought it would. To me, the concept was interesting and I’m all for a gay-friendly mainstream sitcom… but I just can’t handle a laugh track anymore. It’s 2015, not 1994. Take a lesson from The Office, Modern Family, Parks And Rec, and basically every single other popular sitcom on television today: use one camera and do away with the laugh track. The days of a three-camera set-up on a set with a studio audience is long gone.

But I digress. The real topic at hand is One Big Happy’s stunning star: Kelly Brook. The show’s failure was far from her fault. If anything, she’s the only reason anyone tuned in in the first place. In honor of Kelly, lets take a look at one of her classic photoshoots with FHM. Hopefully she gets another gig on another show quickly, because I can’t bear the thought of her not being on television.

Kelly Brook 1


Kelly Brook 2


Kelly Brook 3


Kelly Brook 4


Kelly Brook 5


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