Filmmaker Ken Burns—famous for his documentaries The Civil War, Baseball, Jazz, and The War—has a distinct style, which, for years, has made parodies inevitable. I mean, his technique of slow pans over photographs is so infamous that you can find “The Ken Burns Effect” in iPhoto, iMovie, and Final Cut Pro. So why not use it to turn the epic battles of Star Wars into historical truth?

The Washington Post did just that this weekend, releasing a fake Ken Burns documentary called “The Galactic Civil War.” From the opening line of narration, its tone, pacing, and visual approach nails it.

“The Galactic Civil War was fought in over 10,000 places, from the skies over Tatooine and the wastes of Hoth to the orbit of Taanab and the sanctuary of Endor.”

Thank you, Alyssa Rosenberg and team, for making Star Wars seem real, if only for a few minutes.

[via The Washington Post]