Throwing a Super Bowl party? As a favor to your guests who want to eat more than delivery pizza, we’ve tracked down some of the best chefs in America and asked them to spill their favorite crowd-pleasing, game day recipes. Everything is delicious, simple to prepare, and pairs great with a beer.

Chef Ken Norris, who is opening Clutch Prime Sausagery in Portland, Oregon, in February, gives us a sneak peak at one of his most unusual brat recipes: a bacon cheeseburger deluxe sausage that includes fries in the casing. “Dress yours up however you usually enjoy your cheeseburger,” Norris says. “From grilled onions to fried eggs…just have fun with it.”


4 lb. chuck roast
1 lb. smoked bacon
1 lb. white cheddar cheese
1 qt. frozen french fries, broken up into ½-inch pieces
4 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce
2 Tbsp. sea salt
1 Tbsp. freshly ground black pepper
Hog Casing


  1. Slowly cook the bacon in a sauté pan until the bacon is very crispy. Remove from heat and freeze bacon along with the rendered bacon fat in a baking dish.

  2. Cut the chuck roast into ½-inch pieces (including the fat) and run the pieces through a meat grinder using a large grinding plate into the bowl for a stand mixer. Refrigerate the meat in the mixing bowl.

  3. Cut the cheddar cheese into ¼-inch cubes and refrigerate.

  4. Pull the ground chuck from the refrigerator and run it through the meat grinder a second time along with the frozen crispy bacon and the bacon fat.

  5. Using the paddle attachment for your stand mixer, beat the chuck/bacon on medium speed for 8 to 10 minutes until the mix is well combined and resembles a sticky dough consistency (this means the proteins are developed—the key to a well formed sausage).

  6. With the mixer on the low setting, slowly add in the remaining ingredients. Depending on the size of your mixer, this my have to be done in two stages. Just make sure that all ingredients are well incorporated and place the complete into the freezer while you set up your casing.

  7. Following the guidelines provided by the manufacturer of your sausage stuffer, fill the casing with the well chilled mixture and twist them off into 6-inch links. Allow the links to rest in the refrigerator overnight prior to cooking. This will help the casing from breaking and provide a good snap when eaten.

  8. Cook via a smoker at 225°F for about an hour. Or grill, poach, pan-fry, or roast them. Serve on a brioche bun or similar with spicy ketchup, mustard aioli, and shredded lettuce.

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