Kendall Jenner turns 22 today, and she’s probably thrilled to be starting the next year of her life. The past year was a rough one for Jenner. Thieves stole $200,000 of her jewelry, she starred in an offensive Pepsi ad, she got caught up in the Fyre Festival debacle, she and her sister Kylie launched a line of T-shirts that ripped off several famous musicians, and on a more personally embarrassing level, she fell off her bike while her sister was making a video.

Jenner has taken a few breaks from social media in the past year to deal with some of those issues, which is understandable, but she still found time to post plenty of photos and video clips that show off her supermodel body. (Is there any question that she’s the most beautiful woman in the Kardashian/Jenner family? Or can we just accept that as a fact?) Here are ten of the hottest pics she shared on Instagram this year:

Last winter, she wore a huge pair of wings in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show:


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She posted this mirror selfie in January with the mysterious caption “chaos.”


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In February, she went braless (and shirtless) in this provocative pic:

last round

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In March, she shared another selfie in a bikini, just because:

cool, now i need a vaca

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In April, she wore a dress cut all the way down to her waist:


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In May, she wore a shimmering, see-through gown to the Met Gala:

La Perla at the Met

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In June, she looked glamorous in a gingham bikini:


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And shared a mirror selfie with that same retro vibe:

rest of 2017

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In July, she wore a T-shirt so short, she was practically topless:

jet lag

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And last month, she wore a swimsuit cut so high, she was practically bottomless:


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Judging by her Instagram, it looks like Jenner had a lot of fun this year, but she recently told Harper’s Bazaar, “On my perfect day, I’d do nothing—absolutely nothing—on social media. I’d rather not be focused on things like that. I’d rather just chill out.”

Happy Birthday, Kendall! May your day be free of social media, and may the coming year be free of scandals.