For a little more than a year, a parody Instagram account has been running hilarious Photoshops telling the story of a secret Jenner twin who goes by the name of Kirby.

Kirby is the everyman’s Jenner, a person not as careful to convey flawless glamour at all times. Many of these photos carry the implied story that Kirby is the clumsy foil to the young woman.

Kirby’s story seems to be one of slight isolation, his penchant for over-the-top behavior distancing himself from the life of his imagined siblings.

This, then, is how we ourselves might behave if we lived in the shadow of the Kardashian clan. Eschewing the pressure of being a sex symbol, all Kirby wants to do is chill with his twin sister—while, say, enjoying a behemoth sub at a basketball game.

Keep it up, Kirby.