Kendall Jenner—the high priestess of Instagram—thinks you should put down your phone and live in the moment. That’s the basic premise of her new Pepsi ad, in which she plays a model (what a reach!) who decides to ditch the superficiality of her job to do something with real meaning, like protest with a bunch of woke multicultural youths about—well, we’re not really sure what they’re protesting about. The joy of Pepsi, perhaps? Sure, let’s go with that.

Let’s ignore Pepsi’s decision to turn the act of protesting into a cheesy marketing commodity for a second, and focus on comments Jenner made to WWD, about what this campaign, and its “Live For Now” slogan means to her. “I think a lot of people are caught up in whatever’s happening in someone else’s life and they’re not really paying attention to what’s happening right in front of them most of the time,” Jenner said. Wait, what? By calling out people who use social media to obsess over the lives of celebrities, isn’t Jenner inadvertently shading her entire fan base.

But, now that she’s is one of the richest supermodels on the planet, with at least a dozen major ad campaigns under her belt, Jenner no longer relies on the millions of dollars she can make by posting a selfie with canny product placement on Instagram. So, when she says that “it’s not hard to put your phone down and consciously try and get yourself to live in the moment,” it’s probably because she no longer sees herself as a social media star first, and everything else, second.

Her status as arguably the biggest supermodel in the world, is amplified by her becoming the face of a brand that once relied on Cindy Crawford’s beauty mark to sell its product. Oddly enough, when speaking about what it means to follow in her idol’s footsteps, Jenner seemed to already forget about her earlier anti-phone message.

“She actually just posted the most epic photo the other day on Instagram of her in an all-Pepsi outfit,” Jenner said. “I texted someone, ‘I need this full outfit. This is amazing.” Hmm, perhaps it’s only worth putting down your phone and living in the moment when you’re getting paid millions to do it.