I respect Kendall Jenner. Don’t get me wrong, I think the fact that her and her sisters are the biggest celebrities on the planet and have built up an empire off a sex tape is completely and utterly ridiculous, but that isn’t even their fault. That’s our society’s fault. We are all to blame for this awful reign of Kardashian/Jenner on our news feeds every day. If it isn’t an outfit Kim’s wearing, then it’s who Kendall is partying with. If it isn’t who Kylie is dating, then it’s what Rob posted on Instagram. If it isn’t what Khloe just purchased, then it’s which gender their father is. This single family dominates so much of our attention, it’s incredible.

First, Kim rose to prominence behind (pun intended) her enormous, and most likely fake, ass.

Bye Brazil! Thanks for the quick 24hour trip!

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Then, Khloe must have gotten a referral to the same doctor, because her backside exploded as well.

Even the underage one got in on the action and allegedly got her butt and lips pumped up. You just know that with all this attention on the rest of the family, Kris Jenner has something stupid up here sleeve.

Back to my point. Here’s why I respect Kendall Jenner: because she’s real (I can only assume). She isn’t all done up 24/7 or injected with cosmetics, she’s just a flat-out stunning girl. She’s tall, she’s pretty, and she seems fun. Basically, there’s just something different about her that separates her from the rest of her family.

Not only does she have a stunning face, a rocking body, and the best legs ever… but according to her most recent Instagram post, Kendall’s also got some abs of steel. This girl is a 10/10, and it’s all her. The Jenner/Kardashian surgeons that they probably keep on retainer must hate her.

Hong Kong with @calvinklein #MyCalvins

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For good measure, here’s some more Kendall:

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you’re the worst

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