Last week Kendra Wilkinson, appeared on Playboy Radio with hosts Jessica Hall and Bob Guiney. This is Kendra as open and uncensored as you’ve ever heard her. If you wanted to know why Kendra quit the hit reality show Splash, what she really thinks of her time at the mansion with Hugh Hefner, or how she feels about handcuffs, then you’re not going to want to miss this.

Check out a few of the highlights from her one hour radio show below. And make sure to check out for live streaming of the world’s sexiest guests.

Kendra: Hef was the best part about living at the Playboy Mansion, everything else can kiss my ass, but Hef was the reason I lived at the Playboy Mansion and Hef is my reason now. He will always be my memory of the Playboy Mansion, he’s my favorite person on earth, he was my favorite time—everything. What else can I say? He’s a great guy and nothing else can compare. Being 27 with a child and a husband, I can easily say Hef. If I was younger, “Oh, the parties!” I would definitely say that a couple years ago. Now it’s as simple as Hef. Hef was the reason I was there and the best part of living there.

Kendra: I would love to say “Happy birthday, Hef!” My first time meeting Hef was his 78th birthday party. So it’s been a long time. A long time coming.

All: [Laughter]

Kendra: That did not sound right!

Guiney: What birthday is this for Hef? Does anyone know?

Kendra: Eighty-seventh. It’s his 87th birthday and he is one strong man, let me tell you. He is so young. You know, that’s the whole point about life, it’s just living life young. And he definitely knows—he knows the meaning of life. And that’s why he’s still healthy, still strong, still here, having a great time.

Kendra: Splash was actually one of my favorite shows to be a part of, though. I really had a good time—besides the competition. The water was warm, I was out—I had a good time on the one-meter. I really did! I had a great time! But unfortunately, I wasn’t up to time. Everybody was on the 10-meter, I was barely reaching the three-meter, I was just right off timing.

Guiney: You handled yourself great! Was the whole experience terrifying, or what was it?

Kendra: I knew I had a fear of heights, but I didn’t know I had a fear of diving like that. I can go on rollercoasters. I can stand on buildings and not be afraid at all. I’ve even been on the Stratosphere. Hank proposed to me on the Space Needle. So I have no fear of being on top of things, wink wink—

Hall: Neither do I. [Laughs]

Kendra: But, I guess, it’s like the whole idea of free-falling and I just don’t understand… It doesn’t register into my mind how you do that and why, and what’s the purpose. I guess there’s no purpose for me to do it so why do it? What if— There’s too many what-ifs. What if I completely don’t do the dive and I fall flat on my face? It’s not worth it to me, it’s too— the thought scares me to death.

Guiney: I was going to ask you that, too. Especially when your partner, Rory, had a shattered eardrum, did that add to it for you? Were you sitting there going, “What the hell, this dude just broke his ear.”

Kendra: Yeah, there were a couple injuries on that show before the dive that I quit on. And that did not help. I have a lot of hate out there right now just because I quit Splash, but to me right now I feel the whole world is off my back. I feel like I can breathe now. I don’t have to do this anymore. I made a mistake by signing up for this. I wish I would have known more about diving before I entered the competition, but I didn’t.

I just said, “Great, it’s another show, get me on. I’m a D-lister, I need that shit. I need that money! Get me that fuckin’ money!” I needed it. So, unfortunately, it involved a really tall fuckin’ building to jump off of.

You know, on ABC, on a huge, huge show, which—Splash is number one in many different countries, by the way—it’s a huge show. You, as a celebrity, being judged by millions of people, you feel like you have no option. You have to do it. But guess what. Not me. I said “I’m taking the other option that does not exist,” and I quit. I don’t care. People can call me a quitter, people can call me a loser, people can call me crybaby, I don’t care.

That’s the least of my worries. That is something that doesn’t touch me. What I did was for myself, not for anybody else. And that show, unfortunately, that show ended up being—it wasn’t a show, it was more about me overcoming a fear, so I did what I had to do for myself, at the end of the day. And guess what, I might be the winner after this.

*Hall *: Yeah, ‘cause you’re the only one that didn’t get hurt! I love the fact that you quit, but not only did you quit, you saved other people that want to stay on the show. If you would’ve stayed on the show, or just that little jump, you would have made it to the next round and someone that really wants to be there—

Kendra: Exactly. No one really understood that. So what happened was we were partnered up, and I was with Rory, and everybody was partnered up and if we would’ve been on the bottom two we would’ve had to dive off against each other and the “winner” stays on, the loser goes home. But guess what, the live audience had a chance to vote, so when I quit, they asked me, hey, you’re in the dive-off. And I’m like, that’s not fair. What if the live audience would’ve voted me through and Rory would’ve went home. That’s not fair that I would do that, and I don’t wanna be here. So I sacrificed myself. I’m like “Rory deserved to be here and not me, so I won’t even do the dive-off.” I’m not trying to be big-headed here, at all, which I do have a big head [laughs], but I’m not trying to be self-centered here, but what if the audience would’ve voted me through. I would’ve looked like a devil.

*Where Kendra and host Jessica Hall square off to find out who is the biggest slut (their words, not ours).*

*Guiney: *Which one of you have used whipped cream during sex?… Thumbs down for Kendra…Thumbs up for Jessica.

Hall: Like, back in the day.

Kendra: [noise of disgust] That is, like, the worst infection.

Hall: I didn’t put it in my vagina!

Kendra: Oh.

Guiney: What?

Kendra: Okay well then yeah. But imagine squirting whipped cream all over my man’s hairy chest and licking it off… eww! [laughs] Imagine all the hair falling off of his chest in my mouth, I got a mouth full of hair, bleargh.

Guiney: Which one of you have humped a piece of furniture? …Quickly!

Kendra: Probably, but not to get off. Like dance. Lap dance. And a stripper pole is considered furniture. I had my own pole. I think that class in Vegas still uses my pole.

Guiney: Which one of you have answered a phone call while continuing to have sex?

Kendra: Maybe … I’ve given a blowjob during him talking. On a radio show.

Guiney: What? Was it our show?

Kendra: [Laughs] No, I’m kidding.

Hall: So like, Hank was doing a radio show while��� he called in?

Kendra: Sure. I can’t concentrate. I wouldn’t be able to concentrate. I’m such a nervous wreck; I have to be mentally there, wherever I’m at. I can’t have sex and talk about something else. That’s how you know I’m in.

Guiney: Which of you have had sex on a commercial airplane?

Kendra: Blowjob.

Hall: Handjob.

Kendra: Bigger slut, boo-yeah! Boo-Yeah! Can you just say, private plane, please? Okay me.

Hall: Does Southwest count? Cause I get to choose my own seat.

Guiney: Which of you have given your lover a high-five after sex?

Kendra: Ugh, I hate high fives.

Guiney: Which of you have [laughs] masturbated in a hot tub?

Hall: I kind of get off on the jets sometimes.

Kendra: WAIT. YOU DO THAT TOO? Shut up! I thought I was the only one! I found my way on top of a jet and I was like, Ooh, wait.

Guiney: Which of you have ever been handcuffed to a bedpost?

Hall: I’m sure. Not lately.

Kendra: Maybe not handcuffs… Maybe I have. No, I think we did do the handcuff thing. That was before pregnancy, we gotta get back to the handcuff thing. I’m a dominator, okay. It’s all about me. I need my shit. I need to get it. I don’t wanna just like… Maybe if we have a cop car and he bends me over and handcuffs me, and puts me under arrest, there’s a reason! Maybe that’s like a fantasy that I have!

Guiney: Last question. Which of you have engaged in snowballing?

Kendra: What is that?

Hall: Well, say you were giving Hank a blowjob and you don’t want to swallow so you spit it back in his mouth.

Kendra: EW! Oh my god! No, not me. Have you??

Hall: No! My guy would kill me, that’s rude.

Guiney: Which of you have put a finger in your man’s buttock?

Hall: I’ve tried, he won’t let me.

Kendra: No, no. No. Ewwww.