If a high school student misses a deadline, they get docked grades and car privileges. When Kendrick Lamar misses a deadline, all it does is ratchet up the hype around one of the most anticipated albums of the year.

When Kendrick Lamar unleashed his feverish new single “The Heart Part 4” last month, he did so with a stern warning: “Y’all got till April 7 to get y’all sh– together.” The internet interpreted Lamar’s latest salvo against his foes as an official release date for his new LP. When April 7 arrived fans got a pre-order form which lists the album’s (currently titled ALBUM) release date as April 14.

The 14-track full-length will mark Lamar’s first real studio album since 2015’s opus To Pimp a Butterfly. So far, the only song listed on the official track list is the Mike WiLL Made-It produced heater “HUMBLE,” which Lamar dropped last week along with a music video that might wind up being the best of the year.

Enjoy this next week. In seven days time, Kendrick Lamar is going to burn the whole thing down.