In October, Kesha sued her former producer, Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald for verbal and physical assault as well as giving her “sober pills” that knocked her out. The alleged episodes manifested in a rehab stint Kesha said was to cope with an eating disorder. Dr. Luke countersued, slamming Kesha for attempting an elaborate way out of her contract.

The rift has only gotten bigger, says The Hollywood Reporter, with Kesha now amending her lawsuit to include Sony Music for putting her and other female artists who work with Dr. Luke — including Katy Perry, Pink, and Avril Lavigne — in “physical danger.”

Kesha claims Sony turned a blind eye to obvious problems in a desperate attempt to help their “substantial investment,” Dr. Luke, keep discovering and manufacturing more “pop sensations.” The pop star believes the music corporation “failed to take any corrective action" and “actively concealed Dr. Luke’s abuse.”

A California judge is set to make a ruling on where the case will ultimately take place, as Dr. Luke’s countersuit came out of New York. This new development likely means the west coast, with Sony potentially liable for the charges, including abuse and battery, sexual harassment, and gender violence.