Another week, another group of trailers to get us excited about upcoming flicks and, in this case, an intriguing new Netflix series. Among the offerings this Friday are an extended look at the new Tarzan flick, an eccentric baseball drama, and a new Kevin Smith comedy that somehow seems to outweird Tusk. No, really.

Check out some of the week’s most intriguing trailers below.

For his latest indie effort, Kevin Smith is returning to teen comedy with a little help from his real-life daughter Harley. Yoga Hosers begins as the story of a couple of Canadian teens just trying to get to a high school party, then morphs into something entirely different. Long story short: They fight Nazi sausage monsters. No, really. Let it never be said that Smith hasn’t taken advantage of every weird stoner idea that pops into his head.

Paying homage to the classic supernatural cinema of the 1980s is nothing new (just look at stuff like Super 8), but this summer Netflix is taking the concept into something a little more longform with this series about a mysterious disappearance and the series of conspiracies it spawns. It’s got that classic Spielberg-ian look, and a very intriguing cast led by Winona Ryder. If you were looking for something new to binge next month, this might be the ticket.

We’ve talked about Ghostbusters before, but it keeps coming up again because its marketing campaign has proven to be one of the most divisive of the year. Some people just plain don’t want this movie to exist, while others find the trailers underwhelming. Then there are the cautiously optimistic people like me, who see potential in every new trailer. In the latest, we got more of Leslie Jones being awesome, and a better glimpse at Chris Hemsworth’s adorably dim assistant, Kevin. I can’t promise greatness, but I’m still excited.

Josh Duhamel stars in this drama about legendary left-handed pitcher Bill Lee, an athlete as famous for his pitching style as he was for his drug use and various counterculture eccentricities. Unfortunately, there’s not much in the way of actual footage here, but what there is looks quite charming.

We’ve already seen a visually dazzling jungle adventure this summer thanks to The Jungle Book, and now director David Yates (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) is getting his turn with Alexander Skarsgard in the title role as the legendary King of the Jungle. It’s hard to tell how this one will shake out from a story standpoint, but it looks pretty, and two hours of Skarsgard Acting While Ripped never hurt anybody.