Another week, another crop of movie trailers to get us excited about impending releases. When it comes to trailers, this week was an odd one. We’ve got a new Western, a new horror anthology that looks positively terrifying, an animated comedy starring Louis C.K., and Kevin Spacey as a talking cat (no, really) so let’s get to it.

Kevin Spacey is a powerful billionaire who cares more about work than his family, so Christopher Walken turns him into a cat to teach him a lesson. No, I’m not making that up, and yes, this is exactly as weird as it sounds.

A group of horror filmmakers gather for this five-part anthology flick featuring a series of loosely connected stories all essentially centered around people on road trips. It looks positiviely terrifying, and it’s yet another reminder – thanks to modern indie horror – that some of the scariest stories are the short ones.
Keifer Sutherland teams up with his father, Donald, for this Western about a doomed man who must pick his guns back up after attempting to give up a life of killing. Sure, it looks a little like a warmed-over remake of Unforgiven, but it’s got a great cast. With any luck, this will make the beginning of Michael Wincott Rennaissance.
I don’t think we’ve ever given Clive Owen enough credit as an actor. He’s got real range, and he’ll hopefully demonstrate more of it in this father/son heartwarmer. Plus, Patton Oswalt plays a meth addict, and who can say no to that?
Louis C.K. leads a massive voice cast that also includes Eric Stonestreet, Kevin Hart, Steve Coogan and Ellie Kemper in this comedy about what pets do when their owners are at work. It might look a little predictable, but it also looks like genuine fun, and it’s the best use of a System of a Down song I’ve seen in years.