This video of South African KFC employees washing chicken pieces on the floor next to the trash will make you want to throw up your KFC Double Down hotdog faster than the KFC Double Down hotdog will.

The video was taken by a Braamfontein, South Africa resident who happens to live right next to the KFC. Once the video hit the internet, the branch briefly closed down.

Don’t worry, they totally weren’t going to cook it. At least, that’s what KFC’s saying:

KFC Africa claims the chicken was about to be thrown away but it had been coated in the colonel’s secret seasoning and they were rinsing it off.

So, in that case, KFC Africa did nothing wrong and shouldn’t have to apologize. Oh, wait, they took out a full page ad to apologize.

Here’s what the apology letter says:

We want to say sorry, from the bottom of our hearts, for what happened at our restaurant in Braamfontein.

Our team members breaded some chicken before realising it had to be thrown away because it didn’t meet our high standards.

Worried by their mistake of wasting breading, they decided to wash it off. However, washing chicken on the floor – even chicken we were going to throw away – is totally unacceptable and goes against our strict processes.

We know that we’ve let down the people who are most important to us – you. We want you to know that we take this very seriously and have taken action to make sure this never happens again.

We promise to continue to hold ourselves to the highest of standards and deliver you the great tasting chicken you know and love.

Enjoy your KFC Floor Chicken, everyone!