The KFC Double Down represents everything great about America. For anyone with respect for their body, the Double Down consists of “bacon, two different kinds of melted cheese, the Colonel’s secret sauce pinched in between two pieces of Original Recipe chicken fillets.” It’s arguably the greatest invention of the 21st century.

Until now.

Not to be outdone, KFC Korea’s created their own version of the sandwich known as the Zinger Double Down King. As shown above, the Zinger is very similar to the original Double Down except it adds a meat patty (using the term “meat” very loosely) to the mix. You’re probably thinking, “That picture is manufactured to look perfect. What does it really look like?” Luckily several Korean users have uploaded pictures of this delicacy to Twitter.

And before even allowing the United States to retaliate in the War of Chicken Sandwiches, KFC Korea’s already begun the escalation. They announced a variation of the Zinger with more cheese and bacon.

KFC Korea

KFC Korea

This is without a doubt the most Kentucky thing ever created that didn’t actually originate in Kentucky.

Joseph Misulonas is an intern for He once ate at Burger King three times in one day. He can be found on Twitter at @jmisulonas.