KFC has released a new coffee cup targeted at people who like to eat paper.

Food scientists developed the edible Scoff-ee Cup to commemorate the addition of Seattle’s Best Coffee to KFC menus in the U.K. The cup is made from a British cookie—a “biscuit,” if you will—which is dipped in white chocolate and then wrapped in a layer of sugar paper. As the coffee heats the biscuit, it softens, just like it would if you were dipping it into a hot cup of tea.



The cups are also infused with aromas such as coconut, grass and wild flowers, which the food scientists say will make people happy. Nothing could make KFC customers happier than eating a cookie that tastes like white chocolate, coffee and grass. Next up, edible fried chicken buckets that taste like butterscotch and mud.

Gobble up a Scoff-ee Cup at participating KFC branches in the U.K. while supplies last.

(via Buzzfeed)

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